About us

Apex Medicus was founded in 2000 as an authorized PhilipsHealthcare and Elekta Group distributor in Lithuania. The represented Philips Healthcare is active in Lithuania since 1993. Philips was the first foreign supplier of medical equipment which entered Lithuanian market after the independence. Philips Healthcare successfully installed first in the country modern technology medical equipment such as X–ray angiography and magnetic resonance diagnostic systems.

In order to find most effective and suitable methods of activity in Lithuanian market which could fulfill the needs of the users of medical equipment to its most extent Philips Healthcare decided to transfer all sales and service activity to its new partner. This was exactly the purpose of Apex Medicus establishment in 2000. In all aspects the new partner was supposed to act as representative of PMS fully responsible for sales marketing and service of Philips medical equipment. Qualified PMS employees were asked to proceed with their activity in Apex Medicus further on trying to ensure the possibility for Lithuanian medical institutions and their specialists to be able to use most advanced and effective Philips medical diagnostic and therapy equipment.

In 2006 the list of available products has been supplemented by Elekta Group medical equipment. Elekta Group is the world leader in image guided and stereotactic clinical solutions for radiosurgery and radiation therapy, giving radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons an unmatched capability to aggressively treat tumors and functional targets with ultrahigh precision while sparing healthy tissue.

Technical service of the installed equipment is performed by PMS and Elekta certified service engineers strictly following the requirements of the producer and medical equipment safety regulations.

Since 2006 UAB Apex Medicus conforms the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard successfully applying the methods into everyday practical activity.


The efficient work in group of active and creative individs together generating and translating ideas into decisions with the main result for our clients to manage resources effectively reduce expences and improve the results of activity.


To be a confident partner for our clients enabling to supply valuable innovations and smart decisions in the way to winning non-compromising clinical quality.

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